Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Well...needless to say I have had an extremely difficult time actually sitting down long enough to update our blog. I knew this would be the case, but thought I would make more attempts at it than I do. I find it's way to easy at the end of my day to just put my feet up and let out a big sigh.

Yes...three has been a bit more difficult than two. I think it has a lot to do with the stage that Ethan is in right now, though. He has begun to crawl and pull up on things...so of course I have to be right where he is at all times. It seems the very moment that I decide to take a potty break for myself is the very moment that he pulls something down on top of himself...such as a lamp. Yes it actually happened. He's ok.

I began about 4 weeks ago taking them to a co-op in Tuscaloosa with other homeschoolers. It's been great. The lady in charge has a real ability to teach science and that is a weak area on my part. Gabe has learned all about volcanoes and has even made his own to erupt. He loved it. He is learning right now about three different types of rocks...igneous, metamorphic, and sedemintary. Mommy is learning a little bit as well. Karigan is learning all about the water cycle as well as flowers and plants. She is having a wonderful time making new friends. The co-op offers a nursery and it has been wonderful to be able to leave Ethan and let him have some play time as well.

Gabe has also begun playing Upward soccer and loves it. Karigan is keeping me busy with gymnastics. They both look forward to each class or event.

I wanted to post Gabe's most recent work...his photography. He got a camera for Christmas and he has absolutely loved taking photos of all sorts of things. We went camping a few weeks ago and he made a friend named Evan. I'm including a few photos of them together. He also has begun documenting a bird that has built a nest in a bush outside our front door. We identified it as a Thrasher. We began by noticing her building a nest... then realized shortly there after that eggs were in the nest. So we decided to document the progress. Gabe and Karigan have both loved peaking in at her nest every day to see how much they have grown. I have to say that birth...of any kind...is an amazing thing. It's a true testament to how amazing our God is. I'm blessed to see Gabe & Karigan learning so much about his many wonderful creations. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year. I know ours was extremely special because it was our first Christmas with all three kids. A little more expensive of course, but even more blessed. It's wonderful to see our kids learning what the true meaning of Christmas is and getting a real understanding of what God really did for us through his son Jesus Christ.

We spent several days leading up to Christmas with family. I'm especially mindful of this time this year because I know so many others out there who are hurting right now at Christmas and are not able to have that time with family. And of course it always brings back memories of my family that has gone on to be with the Lord. It's always a little bittersweet this time of year. I miss my grandparents in so many ways which makes me treasure the time we have with Brandon's grandparents even more. I'm sure it's the way God intended it.

Since Brandon has been with the fire service, he of course comes home with a variety of stories to tell. Some can be quite humorous and others can be sad. I want to share one of his latest and how it touched me. Brandon has said before that on many occasions they will have people come to the door asking for money. They have been told to always be cautious in giving them any because they are in a bad part of town and know that to often this money gets used for illegal purposes. But just before Christmas this year, a man came to the door of his Fire Department and asked for not money...but food... with tears streaming down his face. Brandon shared this with me...with the same emotion. They of course helped the man any way they could, but it struck me how Brandon's job as with any job...can be used as a ministry. God gives us all so many opportunities to help those in need and we just have to watch for them. It can be something as simple as helping someone to their car or holding a door open in kindness. I'm just reminded how these simple acts of kindness are not only for those who receive them but those who give them as well. If there are any actions that I want my children to pick up on and take with them as they grow it is most of all these simple acts of kindness when someone is hurting. What better example can we give of Christs Love!

I've had Rascall Flats song God bless the Broken Road on my mind so much lately. Enjoy the words when you hear it. It reminds me how God is always directing my path if I will just allow him to.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and have a safe and wonderful New Year!

Monday, December 1, 2008

What I am Thankful For!

I underestimated how hard it would be to find time for blogging. I love to put my thoughts to paper, but it just seems time to myself is few and far between these days. Oh well, I wouldn't wish it were any other way!

Thanksgiving this year seems to have really snuck up on me. It's amazing how much has really changed for my family this year.

I love the holidays...especially with my kids. I wonder if others out there struggle with what I face during this time, though. I look forward to every family get together, but since the loss of my grandparents it seems I rarely get through a holiday where I don't miss them terribly. I guess the family time and the food just brings there memory so close to home.

I've felt really blessed to have had each of them in my life for the time they were here. And I have been even more blessed to become an adopted granddaughter to Brandon's grandparents. It warms my heart so much to see my children building a relationship with their great-grandparents as well as their grandparents.

I think more than anything at this point in my life, I wish that my grandparents could see my life now and my children. I know they would enjoy them so much.

I do find comfort in one thought, though. I'm one of those that believes when family that has gone on before us comes to mind...that is God's way of allowing us to feel there presence once again. Even if it is in a shed tear.

So...what I'm thankful for? Family...time spent with family...relationships built with new family...and the time that God allows for us all to get to know each others hearts.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

So...I thought...why not. I can try to find enough time in my day to do a little blogging.

So here goes...

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed these days, simply due to the fact that I have 3 kids now. Wonderful kids...mind you...but 3. And to think... I really wouldn't mind a 4th. I just love watching them grow. Gabe our first child was born on March 19th, 2002 and so began my days of being a mother. Brandon and I had been married about 2 years when we found out we were expecting. Life changing to say the least. We didn't want out kids to be to far apart in age so 3 short years later we were expecting #2. Our little girl...Karigan arrived on January 21st, 2005 and it was wonderful to see Gabe with a little sister. Well...it just didn't feel complete yet...so after another 3 years...guess what....#3. We welcomed Ethan into the family just this July on the 15th. We're feeling really content with our little family right now and are loving how much Gabe and Karigan enjoy Ethan. Gabe did ask why he couldn't have two sisters since Karigan gets to have two brothers. Our answer...talk to God.

When Gabe was old enough to attend Kindergarten we made another big decision...we decided to homeschool. Not for any reason other than God had put it on our hearts shortly after he was born that we were supposed to. It's really that simple...we wanted to feel like we were in His will so we had to give it a try. It's been wonderful to say the least. Gabe is now in 1st grade and honestly loves school. Math is probably his favorite subject but he is also doing his very best to teach his little sister how to read. And guess what...mommy feels a bit like she is going back to school as well. It's amazing what you can re-learn just by teaching it. We're taking it year by year, but as for now it is a blessing.

Brandon went to work with Tuscaloosa Fire Department about 3 years ago and actually enjoys going to work now. He thought of doing it right out of high school but talked himself out of it for several reasons. It wasn't long before God put it back on his mind and heart and we decided to give it a try. What a blessing it has been. I'm so proud of him and the things it has offered our family. I'm able now to spend even more time at home with the kids and we look forward to every day that daddy comes home from work.

So I guess that brings our life up to speed. So much has happened in between all of this, but my fingers will get tired of typing. Maybe I can do a decent job of keeping friends and family informed of our happenings and just maybe they will enjoy reading about it.

I'll end with our most recent bible verse that Gabe and Karigan are memorizing...Psalms 34:8-13. It begins..."Taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed is the man who takes refuge in him. Fear the Lord...you His saints for those who fear him lack nothing."