Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Well...needless to say I have had an extremely difficult time actually sitting down long enough to update our blog. I knew this would be the case, but thought I would make more attempts at it than I do. I find it's way to easy at the end of my day to just put my feet up and let out a big sigh.

Yes...three has been a bit more difficult than two. I think it has a lot to do with the stage that Ethan is in right now, though. He has begun to crawl and pull up on things...so of course I have to be right where he is at all times. It seems the very moment that I decide to take a potty break for myself is the very moment that he pulls something down on top of himself...such as a lamp. Yes it actually happened. He's ok.

I began about 4 weeks ago taking them to a co-op in Tuscaloosa with other homeschoolers. It's been great. The lady in charge has a real ability to teach science and that is a weak area on my part. Gabe has learned all about volcanoes and has even made his own to erupt. He loved it. He is learning right now about three different types of rocks...igneous, metamorphic, and sedemintary. Mommy is learning a little bit as well. Karigan is learning all about the water cycle as well as flowers and plants. She is having a wonderful time making new friends. The co-op offers a nursery and it has been wonderful to be able to leave Ethan and let him have some play time as well.

Gabe has also begun playing Upward soccer and loves it. Karigan is keeping me busy with gymnastics. They both look forward to each class or event.

I wanted to post Gabe's most recent work...his photography. He got a camera for Christmas and he has absolutely loved taking photos of all sorts of things. We went camping a few weeks ago and he made a friend named Evan. I'm including a few photos of them together. He also has begun documenting a bird that has built a nest in a bush outside our front door. We identified it as a Thrasher. We began by noticing her building a nest... then realized shortly there after that eggs were in the nest. So we decided to document the progress. Gabe and Karigan have both loved peaking in at her nest every day to see how much they have grown. I have to say that birth...of any kind...is an amazing thing. It's a true testament to how amazing our God is. I'm blessed to see Gabe & Karigan learning so much about his many wonderful creations. Hope you enjoy the photos.

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Living4Him said...

Hey Girl! Great to hear from you! Glad things are going well with Homeschooling and three kiddos!

Call me some time! I have some things I need to talk over with you. God has told me that you are just the person that I need to talk to!

Love ans Prayers!
Alison C.